entX News: Jan/Feb 2024

2024 is shaping up to be an even bigger year
for the entX team!

Project Update

Our Green Hydrogen portfolio is now well known to all serious players in the sector across Australia and Asia. The combination of great projects and smart, nimble decision making has established our portfolio as the one to watch in 2024.

On GenX, the Space and Defence (S&D) team has strengthened our relationship with our Australian Government customer by demonstrating breakthrough technical gains and significantly broadening the scope of our IP. Our S&D team have also secured the development of a prototype RHU system in partnership with iLAuNCH which, all going well, will slip the surly bonds of earth in 2025!

This year our Medical Isotopes business will be well on the way to providing (or actually have provided) the feedstock for lifesaving treatments of 212Pb, a remarkable achievement from a standing start at the beginning of the year. We now have a licenced facility to work in and aim to be in position to supply our business partners with this product for Australia and the world.

There are many other great things in store for 2024; it will be the year of CarbonX, building on the significant momentum we have built in the last half of the year; and the PhosEnergy Process opportunity is also looking strong with impressive gains in the uranium price through 2023, further consolidating to decade-long highs in the early part of 2024.

We look forward to keeping you updated throughout 2024.

Bryn Jones
Managing Director

Innovation Milestones: CarbonX Project Secures new Patents in Japan and Russia

We are excited to share that our CarbonX Project has secured patents in Japan and Russia for our CarbonX Betacatalysis technology. This is on top of the patents that were already granted to our sub-entity CarbonX Developments in South Africa and South Korea for our CarbonX Betacatalysis technology. More specifically, methods and products for converting carbon dioxide to one or more small organic compounds.

This is a major step in our journey toward a demonstration-scale CO2 conversion process. Exciting times ahead for a cleaner, greener future! 

Group of Korea University students visiting entX head office.

Global Collaboration: entX host Korea University Students

entX Limited recently hosted a dynamic group of university students from Korea University’s ‘New Energy Industry Faculty’. The entX team presented on our clean energy, green hydrogen and carbon transition technologies. The visit was initiated by Sally Townsend and Myungjin Kim from the Department for Trade and Investment in South Australia based at the offices in Japan and South Korea.

Who is entX Limited?

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