“Leveraging the same smart electrode system from GenX to generate power from waste heat sources”


The success in demonstrating the effectiveness of the Company’s unique electrode-semiconductor arrangements in GenX has opened a range of commercial opportunities for additional technology

GenT is the first of these technologies to be patented and leverages the GenX technology to convert infrared energy from waste heat sources (heat) into electrical power cheaply and efficiently. Essentially, the flexible panel conforms to the shape and contours of the heat emitting process infrastructure, effectively capturing and converting waste radiant heat to electrons.

GenT has the potential to create energy efficiencies and further value to hard to abate heavy industrial sectors that currently produce large amounts of waste heat, typically in the range of 200 – 1000 degrees.

Operators of gas turbines, steel mills, cement production, paper mills and other manufacturing that requires process heat will benefit from the electricity produced by GenT technology fitted to existing assets.

Development work has been partially funding under an Innovative Manufacturing Industry grant at the University of South Australia. The team is validating early GenT panels in the laboratory, with opportunities for early field trials currently being explored.



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