“We are a nimble technology incubator that generates ideas, builds development partnerships and commercialises breakthrough clean energy and nuclear medicine technologies. Our business will have positive lasting environmental, social and financial impacts on global industry.”


entX Limited (previously PhosEnergy Limited) was founded in 2014 by a group of fleet footed mining, energy and manufacturing innovators, who were driven by a higher purpose than simply making money. They planned to use their skills to make energy and industry cleaner for the earth and beyond.

Inspired by the entrepreneurial “can do” culture of their home in South Australia, they came together to form a public company which would disrupt the accepted way that new energy technologies are conceived, developed and commercialised.

Their disruptive approach is to form incubator laboratories – the first is in Adelaide – that will generate breakthrough ideas in partnership with global collaborators who are leaders in their field. As far from academic constraint as possible, this is unfettered dynamic innovation that delivers concrete commercial results.

entX is driven by the irresistible challenge of taking the kernel of an idea and making it reality. This will come from practical, commercial innovation in areas such as carbon capture and utilisation, non-mining uranium recovery from phosphate fertiliser, green and blue hydrogen, energy and electron harvesting from beta isotypes and industrial heat waste recycling. More recently extracting isotopes from low level radioactive waste as precursors for nuclear medicine.

entX is deliberately sector agnostic – technologies applicable to space and heavy industry, Antarctic exploration and uranium traders, agriculture and electricity generation and distribution, nuclear medicine and mining.

Open, energetic and responsive entX is the clean energy technology company that the world needs.



Head Office Address: level 10, 111 Gawler Place, Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: +61 (0)8 8470 1700 Email:

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