“Capturing and converting Carbon Dioxide to usable organic compounds.”


CarbonX is a groundbreaking technology, which has the potential to profitably convert CO2 to methanol and other commercial products without prohibitive energy input. This technology has the potential to
revolutionise carbon emitting industries that currently rely on emerging carbon capture, usage and storage technologies (CCUS). CarbonX has the ability to add Commercialisation to CCUS.

Proof of Concept experiments in 2018 successfully converted CO2 to methanol and other compounds. In 2020 entX produced the first beta-activated catalyst (BAC) and successfully demonstrated a specific reaction rate of 104 chemical conversions per beta emission. entX is now planning optimization testing to develop commercial parameters feasibility analysis. This work is planned to contribute to the development of a prototype to be tested at an operating Australian hydrocarbon production location that will be trialling carbon capture and liquefaction technology in 2024.

The science of CO2 utilisation to produce usable compounds is well understood. So how are we different?

  • The team has a proven capability of developing complex chemical processes and delivering step changes to industry.
  • Previous approaches have used low powered UV light, electrical power or high pressure and heat to energise the conversion reaction.
  • entX utilises beta emitters to provide a reliable driving force for the reaction.
  • Potential sources of revenue include toll CO2 removal, technology supply/licensing, CO2 offset trading, etc.



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